Expo Experts versus Job Fair Companies

Expo Experts is the core of what makes any leading Job Fair company successful!  Expo Experts is the seasoned sales staff and top producers from the nation's largest job fair company.

If you have ever sponsored a Job Fair company's event, you probably did so because you needed their sales ability.  With over 30 years of  Job Fair industry experience, specifically as the top sales professionals, we have the one element you need to effectively, efficiently conduct your own Job Fair event in your city.  Why pay all the overhead, administrative staff and management salaries of the Job Fair companies?

In addition to the sales finesse, we also bring industry knowledge in event planning, logistics, formatting and scheduling.  Our program lets you sit back in full confidence that your Job Fair event is being scheduled and set up in the best location for the type of event you want.  It lets you know that all of the loose ends, such as reserving the ballroom space, contracting the set up company, arranging the catering, etc. are properly taken care of.  You agree to pay the expenses and run the ad campaign.  We take care of the details and sell, sell, sell!

Our focus for any newspaper Job Fair event we conduct is to attract local, regional and national employers to your city.  We feel you will benefit most through our regional and national sales effort.  Example: if you are a newspaper  located in an area with an Air Force Base and defense contractors supporting it, we know that employers in cities like Huntsville, Orlando or Colorado Springs might want to recruit from your market.  We are proud of the fact that we can bring you new prospective companies for your Classified section.

Expo Experts allows you to reap the financial benefits of hosting your own event while letting our sales force  canvass the country for you!  This frees up your staff to do what they do best-sell Classified ad space!  Why sponsor a Job Fair company's event - own the event!

All you need to conduct your own highly successful Job Fair event is our sales staff.