Exclusive Job Fairs

A recruiting option that brings results!

Expo Expert’s partnerships with the newspapers offers yet another option to you, as our client company.

We are striving to meet the varied and timely needs of each client.  We hope that for most, our newspaper job fairs will be the source that works best for you.  However, we understand that sometimes recruiting needs are immediate and the timing of a large job fair may not coincide with your plans, or layoffs and mergers that may be happening in a market of interest.

Therefore, we created the ‘Exclusive Job Fair’ event to offer convenience in scheduling with the benefits of a job fair.

Expo Experts will choose the ideal location for your event, rent the interviewing suites, produce the candidate handout ‘official show guide’ listing your company's recruiting needs and contact information,  and contact the newspaper to place your Exclusive Job Fair display ads.  In addition, we will send our staff to set up your event and screen the candidates.  You benefit from our newspaper partnerships and our expertise in the industry.

Meet face to face with hundreds of professionals in line with your hiring needs.  Let Expo Experts take care of all the logistics of setting up an Exclusive Job Fair today!

For details and prices, please call us at 877-842-3976 or email or .