2005 Career Expo Features:

· Sunday full page Career Expo ad featuring participating companies and open positions runs the Sunday before the event in the Star Tribune

· 8 x 10 draped and furnished job fair booth at the Convention Center

· Event promo ads in the Star Tribune promoting the job fair to both passive and active candidates

· Online promotion on www.startribune.com

· Over 60 Star Tribune WORKING Kiosks around the city promoting the job fair on the cover page

· An 8 x 10 foot fully draped and furnished interview booth

· Cost $1995 per event    


Recruit for these or other positions:

Sales, Marketing, Management, Finance, Call Center, Customer Service, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Skilled Trades, Restaurant, Retail, Accounting, Office Support, Hospitality, Manufacturing/Production, and more!


Call to make your reservation:

877/842-3976 x21