Engineering, Technology and Security Clearance

Career EXPO

Scottish Rite Center

 December 7, 2004

10 am - 4 pm

A job fair targeting experienced Professionals in the

Engineering and Technical fields.  Candidates must have at least 2 years of related industry experience and US citizenship to attend.  Candidates with active clearance, military and retired military personnel are encouraged to attend. 

Express lane for candidates with active clearance!



Engineers – Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Systems, Stress, Electronic, Digital, Component (parts), Test, RF, QA, Hardware, Installation, Environmental Network, Spacecraft Systems, Satellite Communications, Orbital Dynamics, Acoustics, Project, R&D, Metrology, Manufacturing Process, Safety, COMSEC, C41. Radar, SIGINT, Antenna, Ships Systems Architects, Computational Scientist, Defense Research Analysts, GPS Analysts, Logistics Analysts, Information Assurance Analysts, Payload Operator/Imagery Analyst, Engineering Technicians, Sr. Optician, Modeling and Simulation, Financial Analyst, Business Development, Program Management, Subcontracts/Contracts Specialists/Administrators and other related fields.


At employers’ request, candidate resumes will be screened for 2 years of related defense industry experience and US Citizenship to participate in the Security Clearance Career Expo


All registration/screening will take place at the door

Space Technology

Integrated Systems


Confidential Employer

Defense Mission Systems