With over 23 years combined experience in the US and Canadian job fair industry, EXPO EXPERTS is the best of the best!  We are the seasoned sales professionals from the world's largest job fair company.

We are Susan Turner and Carrie Dunham and we are the top producers in the job fair industry!

We saw the healthy profits being made by job fair companies.  But we noticed the events weren't generating nearly the profit that you, the newspaper, deserved.  After all, you are a crucial part of the job fair job fair company can survive without the newspaper.  We created an option that puts the "profit back in the newspaper pockets!"  It all comes down to the bottom line!

We work as consultants directly with the newspapers - giving the newspaper ownership of the job fairs - so the overhead and commissions that typically go to the job fair company can be turned into profits for the newspaper.  It's simply a matter of cutting out the middle man.  Thus was EXPO EXPERTS formed, a limited liability company, with Susan Turner and Carrie Dunham as partners.

You provide the advertising and we provide the sales and Expo advice and coordination.  The resulting team is a lean, mean job fair machine that creates a profit center and increased sales within the newspaper organization!