What do our clients have to say about our career expos?

The Oregonian--Portland OR

"Outstanding - excellent results, far exceeded my expectations.  Large number of hospitality applicants - some operators really missed the boat by not being here."

-American Classic Voyages

"Of all the job fairs I have attended in Portland and all over the West Coast, this event was the best.  The candidate turnout, organization, and promotions were great.  The newspaper ownership makes a big difference in the career fair."


"Over and above what we hoped for - really was top notch."


"We had an excellent turnout today, interviewing over 100 potential employees."

-Madden Industrial Craftsmen

"We spoke to hundreds of applicants all in one day - lots of potential."

-American Family Insurance

"Expo Experts sales reps guided me to the right place, we now expect to make over 10 hires."

-US Bank

"This has been an excellent event for us."


"The event consistently generates good candidates!

-Providence Health System

"Don't make any changes"


"Quality of candidates and the internet promotions make this an effective hiring event."

-Country Insurance

"Hours are great--we get people when they get off work.  We will be back every time!"

-Household Credit Services

"We have attended in the past and the 2 day event and hours are great."

-Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland

The Huntsville Times--Huntsville AL

"The Huntsville Times attracted the candidates we were looking for."

-Nissan North America

"Very good turnout - the prescreening made our time more valuable."

-General Dynamics ES

"We've attended previous programs and each one continues to exceed our expectations."


"The overall package is extensive - we wouldn't change a thing, keep up the good work."


"More than exceeded our expectations."


"Everything was great - above and beyond, many candidates to interview with good experience.  You will see us again."


"The price was extremely fair for the extensive advertising, complimentary ad and overall package and we filled our openings!"


"We will definitely be back.  Excellent affair."

-Northrop Grumman/Logicon

"We spoke with over 100 candidates today.  We have many openings to fill and are hoping to hire quite a few from here."


"The event met our expectations, lots of candidate traffic."


"The Huntsville Times Career Fair (HTCF) we attended yesterday (the Expo Experts) was far superior to a competitors job fair.  I liked the HTCF better because the applicants had a requirement of 2 years previous "high-tech" job experience.  This screening told us that only experienced professionals would be coming through, giving us more time for more qualified applicants.  More Expo Experts employees followed through with me to make sure I had everything I needed before and during the show.  There were also more companies in attendance, attracting more applicants in general for everyone to review.  Overall, it was a great show and General Standards is thoroughly pleased with the Expo Experts and will continue to attend and exhibit through them."

-General Standards

The Star Tribune--Minneapolis, MN

"Screening was most effective, we'll attend again"


"Many experienced candidates, we plan to make 4 or 5 offers"

-Medtronic Corporation

"Screening of applicants was so helpful"

-General Dynamics Advanced Info Systems

"Well qualified candidates, we plan to make over 10 offers"


"We expect to make over 10 offers, wouldn't change a thing.  Expo Experts staff were wonderful"

-American Express Financial Advisors

"We plan to make 4 to 5 offers...we'll be back"

-Farmers Insurance Group

"The event was well attended"


"Good quality of people"

-MRK Financial

"We plan to made 5-10 offers"

-Qwest Communications

The Oklahoman--Oklahoma City, OK

"The number of potential candidates was excellent...we plan to make 5-10 offers"


"The event itself was  most effective...wouldn't change a thing"

-Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance

"Plenty of prospects.  We are making over 10 offers"

-Bob Howard Auto Group

"We liked that the candidates were given a list of  all the openings available"


"Plenty of candidates, expect to make over 10 offers"


The targeted ads in the Sunday Oklahoman were most effective"

-Sprint--Customer Solutions OKC

"Advertising was effective, plan to make over 10 offers"

-Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies

"We are very please, found exactly what we needed...hired 3 already"

-Lockheed Martin

"We expect to make 2-3 hires"

-L-3 Communication

"Ad Promotion was very effective"

-Cox Communication

The Seattle Times--Seattle, WA

"The job fair was a raging success!  We found some really great candidates for particularly difficult to fill positions.  We are really happy with the outcome!"

-Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

"The quality and the expertise of the attending candidates was exceptionally high.  There were so many very talented candidates.  The engineers in particular, tremendous experience.

-Central Intelligence Agency

"Great event!  Great candidate turnout and great customer service!"

-Lockheed Martin

"We are extremely impressed with the fair.  The results are overwhelming.  It is obvious that the event was put together by professionals and every step was thoroughly and well organized.  The Online recruiting system has all the necessary search engines; the database is well indexed and very fast, the screen is conveniently laid out.  This is one of the few fairs that's worth every penny.

-Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems

"Sectioning off an area for Top Secret candidates only was most effective"


"Thanks!  Good Job!"

-BAE Systems

"We expect to make over 10 offers"


"The separate rooms for Healthcare was a great idea"

-Swedish Medical Center

"Great evnet...we found a lot of quality candidates"

-Qwest Communications

The Dallas Morning News--Dallas, TX

"Great opportunity to meet applicants with 'Top Secret' clearance"


"Prescreening and advertising very effective"  Lots of advertising"

-Garmin International

"We'll be back"

-Ball Aerospace

"Quality of candidates was great...we expect to make over 10 offers"


"The number of candidates was most effective"

Ball Aerospace

"Prescreening was best aspect of the event...we plan to make 5-10 offers"

-Rockwell Collins

"I need to bring more help!"


The News & Observer--Raleigh, NC

"The event went very well for IBM!  As I am sure you have heard, there were many, many candidates who arrived looking professional and ready to sell their skills!!  There were so many qualified people looking for work.  We were very happy with the service you and your team provided us.  I think it was well run and I would certainly hope we can attend more of your events in the future!!!  Thanks very much!!"

-Cathy at IBM

"Advertising/Candidates was most effective aspect"

-Paradigm Genetics

"Prescreening was most effective aspect"

-Misys Healthcare Systems

"Advertising was great"

-Cardinal Health

"Prescreening and pavilions were best part"

-Dept. of Health and Human Services

"We expect to make 5-10 offers--good exposure"

-Select Specialty Hospital

"Traffic was great, we are expect to make over 10 offers"

-Hertz Corporation

"Solid event, we will make 5-10 offers"

-Waddell & Reed

"Well run, lots of applicants"

-84 Lumber

The Post-Dispatch--St. Louis, MO

"Great candidates pool"


"We expect to make over 10 offers, Good advertising"


"We'll be back"

-United Defense

"Great Location, we expect to make 4-5 offers"

-Verizon Wireless

"Great Expo staff and assistance"

-University of Phoenix

The Colorado Springs Expo--Colorado Springs, CO

"We will attend again"

-Northrop Grumman

"Excellent hours, we plan to make over 10 offers"

-MacAuley Brown

"Great set-up and prescreening"


"Most effective aspect? - Cleared Professionals"


"Great advertising, we are making over 10 offers"

-ManTech, NSS

The Columbus Dispatch--Columbus OH

"Expo Experts and The Columbus Dispatch have restored my belief in job fairs.  I have over 60 good candidates from the event.  The quality of the traffic was outstanding.  I have attended many job fairs over the years and this one is far superior.  I will definitely attend again.  Great Job."

-Honda Motor Manufacturing

"I was impressed with the turnout, which is a direct reflection of the advertising."

-Bernard Haldane Associates

"Spoke with over 100 individuals who will be coming to our center.  Thank you. Great job fair!!"

-Discover Financial Services

"We had a great event and expect to make at least 10 offers."


"We will be attending again with The Columbus Dispatch.  We could make at least 3 hires from each event."


"We wouldn't make any changes."

-United McGill Corporation

"Location and hours were very effective."

-Medical Staffing Solutions

"Super job all the time.  Great location!

-Bob Evans Restaurants

"Good quality and quantity"


The Montreal Expo--Montreal PQ

"This event was excellent and gave us a great introduction to the Montreal market."

-Panasonic Wireless Design Center

"All the candidates had pertinent experience.  I believe their prescreening process is a must at these types of career fairs, it allowed us to make the best use of our time."


"The event far exceeded our expectations today and was a great way to exert our aerospace presence."

-Rockwell Collins

"The Montreal Gazette gives us great candidates and the prescreening made interviewing most efficient."

-The Government of Canada

"We saw high quality candidates with the technical backgrounds we were looking for."


The Ottawa Citizen--Ottawa ON

"After two days of interviewing we will be extending over ten offers, we will definitely be back again!"


"Awesome event!  We hope to hire 4 or 5, don't change a thing."

-Taqua Systems

"The prescreening absolutely makes a difference for effective recruiting.  It makes our job easier."


"It was a great show - superior organization and an excellent pool of candidates."

-Copper Mountain

"We decided late to enter and were pleased with the tremendous assistance from Expo Experts.  The results were outstanding - over 10 offers were made."

-netpcs Networks

"We were pleased that there was screening for entry-level candidates."

-Hughes Network Systems

"We were attending another Ottawa job fair and we were wondering where all the candidates were.  We heard that Expo Experts were hosting The Ottawa Citizen Engineering Career Expo the same days so we checked it out. That's where the candidates were!  We were able to sign up for the 2nd day of The Ottawa Citizen Career Expo and we did better than any other event in this city!"


"Excellent - looking forward to the next event!"

-Nu-Wave Photonics

"The prescreening by staff was very effective"


"The location and prescreening were most effective.  We expect to make 5-10 offers"

-The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Healthc Centre

"We expect to make over 10 offers"

Wendy's Restaurants of Canada

The Toronto Career Fair, Toronto ON

"I just attended a competitors career fair this past week and thought I'd drop you a line. 

Having worked so positively with Expo Experts on the Globe and Mail Career Expo, I must admit that working with this other event organizer was a very different experience.  From their account managers lack of knowledge and follow-up, to the lack of assistance before and after the show, last week's event left me longing for your presence.

Expo Expert checked in on us periodically, responding to my questions, respecting that I preferred e-mail communication, to getting us water as we were so swamped - you were outstanding at the February event.

I just wanted to thank-you again for your assistance during that event and I wanted to recognize just how great a job you did.


National Recruitment Specialist
-Telus Mobility.

"The overall package was our biggest factor in attending and proved to be a great decision."

-Hewlett Packard (Canada)

"Good strategy on the prescreening, it made our interview and hire process easier - extremely effective."

-Ontario Power Generation

"We will attend again.  A very positive hiring atmosphere."

-Motorola Canada Ltd.

"This event was a great opportunity for our company to increase exposure in the Toronto area."


"We were delighted with the quality of candidates -your prescreening process is much appreciated.  The success we've had with previous events carried over well with this one!  Well advertised-tons of candidates.  Thanks for the terrific service!  You were very attentive!

-MDS Sciex

"Prescreening really helped us out - outstanding service and high quality applicants."

-Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

"We saw much higher quality candidates at The Globe and Mail Engineering Career Expo than we typically receive through running newspaper ads or through attending other events.  We hired one high level candidate and have another one in the pipeline."

-Cummins OER

"Staff were helpful and attentive"

-Rogers Cable

"High-Quality candidates"

-Manpower Services

"Very effective way of getting our name out there"

-DataMirror Corporation

The Windsor Star--Windsor ON

"Location, site, hosts and advertising were very effective.  We expect to make over 10 offers."

-GM Canada

"Newspaper advertising very effective, hours were great!  Expect to make at least 10 offers."


"The location was most effective for attracting candidates and convenience, very good hours.  We will attend future events."

-Lear Corporation

"Service was fabulous.  Entire package was effective, we hope to hire at least 10 professionals."

-Henry Ford Health Systems

"We will be back.  Well run event, great screening"

-Health Industry Professionals

"Very diverse candidates.  Price and location were the biggest factors in our attendance."

-Botsford General Hospital

"Convenient location, great for attracting candidates."

-CPL Canada

The Vancouver Sun--Vancouver BC

"Prescreening was most effective"


"Prescreening was very effective, expect to make 4 or 5 hires"

-Fleetway Inc.

"Not sure how many we will hire at this time, but dealt with many qualified candidates."

-Canadian Forces Recruiting

"It was a pleasure attending the Vancouver Sun Career Expo and I hope to do more in the future with you. You and your staff made it easy for us with all the pre-screening you did. We met many qualified candidates and we would definitely like to be contacted for any future expos that you have coming up."

-QImaging Corp.

" The quality of the candidates ready to interview and the private interview booths provided were most effective"

-Quester Tangent Corporation

"Excellent event. High quality candidates.  Hired 4 already with 2 pending!

-ATI Technologies

The San Diego Union-Tribune - San Diego, CA

"Hell of a job"

-Texas Instruments Staffing

"Good turn out"

-INDUS Technology

"Focused advertising was most effective, well run job fair"

-Southern Cal Edison

"Many cleared candidates"

-L-3 Communications

"I wouldn't change a thing, it was excellent.  Everyone was so helpful"

-Northrop Grumman

"Quality of candidates and screening made the event successful"

-ATK Composite Optics

"Great Candidates"

-General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

"The fact that the Expo Experts staff were so friendly, willing to help in any way and made it possible for me to feel comfortable.  Thank you for all of your help!

-Impact Solutions