St. Louis has played a key role in advancing Aerospace, Defense and Combat technology throughout history.  Today, St. Louis professionals are forging new ground in these industries and others.  Local expertise is found particularly in aviation, battlefield systems and advanced manufacturing.  Other industries in the region include:  Communications Systems & Satellites, Microwave and Radar, Weapons and Missile Defense, Navigation Systems, Advanced Research & Development, Display Technologies, Test Engineering and more.   Home to 15 Fortune 1000 companies such as The Boeing Company, Emerson Electric, Charter Communications, & United Technologies, St. Louis ranks sixth in the United States as a headquarters location for Fortune 500 companies Come to St. Louis and experience a city with a solid foundation and a bright future in DOD and Aerospace technology. 

Employers in the area include: The Boeing Company- Boeing Phantom Works, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Boeing Shared Services, Scott Air Force Base,  Systems & Electronics Inc., Westar Aerospace and Defense,  Emerson Electric,  Magna Technologies, Aerospace Filtration Systems, Bombardier Aerospace, Camber Corporation, Flight Safety International, Gulfstream Aerospace, ORBIMAGE,  SAIC, HR Textron, BAE Aerospace,  Honeywell Aviation, GKN Aerospace,  Thayer Aerospace, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, MEMC Electronic Materials,  Midcoast Aviation, American Airlines,  Parker Aerospace, Rockwell International, Daimler Chrysler Corporation, and many more.



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