Expo Experts

employers: newspaper partners

Expo Experts is a unique company that works with North America's most powerful newspapers to produce the highest quality Career Expos. The newspaper provides the most extensive advertising and promotional campaign and we provide the expertise necessary to attract these hard to find candidates from very specific backgrounds. The newspaper places ads throughout the newspaper (main news, sports, life etc. as well as Classifieds) to attract the passive and active job seekers. The result is outstanding events that match North America's top employers, with the brightest professionals available, in the markets we serve.

Because of the Newspapers prominent position in the community, with their name attached to the job fair, the level of care and commitment for our events, is unsurpassed by any other area event.

Before you invested in us, our newspaper partners did! So, you can be confident that we offer more advertising coverage, to support our events, than any other job fair company, guaranteed! Because of our exclusive partnerships with our newspapers, our clients get more market branding; in Classifieds, ROP as well as online!